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I. Soda Ash

A. Production and Inventory

The total output of the industry is about 540,700 tons, and the total industry inventory is about 1,580,000 tons.

Soda ash industry inventory entered a downward trend.

[Keywords]: Inventory downward trend.


For your information: the picture below show the trend of sodium carbonate inventory from 2019 to 2022.


B. Market Outlook

According to the statistics of 28 downstream enterprises of light soda ash and 22 downstream enterprises of dense soda ash

The operating rate of downstream enterprises of soda ash light is about 66%, and the average days of inventory of soda ash light is 16 days.

The operating rate increased by 1% compared with last week, and the days of inventory was basically the same as last week.

The operating rate of downstream enterprises of soda ash dense is about 96%, and the average days of inventory of soda ash dense is 33 days.

The operating rate was unchanged from last week, and the days of inventory decreased by 3 days from last week.

Domestic trade price of soda ash light: mainstream factory price 2100-2300 RMB per ton.

Domestic trade price of soda ash dense: mainstream factory price2450-2550 RMB per ton.

Foreign trade price of soda ash: FOB USD325-335/MT.

Keywords: Price increases slightly. .


C. Maintenance Information

This week, the average operating rate of soda ash manufacturers was about 81%.

Henan Zhongyuan Chem continues to overhaul.


D. Brief Analysis

Supply: The overall operating rate of soda ash manufacturers has not changed much. The operating rate has dropped by 2 % compared with last week, reaching about 81%. The orders and supply of soda ash are sufficient. As the Spring Festival is approaching, soda ash manufacturers have slowed down their shipments, and their inventories are still at a high level. There is a risk that the inventory may increase after the holiday.

Demand: The float glass and photovoltaic glass markets are stable and positive, and the demand for soda ash dense is stable. The downstream demand for soda ash light is average. Although downstream users have begun to stop production, there is still a need for stocking. It is expected that the demand for soda ash will increase slightly next week.

Export: Exports of soda ash have improved, and inquiries and orders have increased, especially for soda ash dense. Shipping costs have declined, but shipments are limited in January and February due to the holidays.

Keywords: High inventory, inventory risk, overall trend well.


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II.Calcium Chloride

A. Inventory and Price Fluctuations

Industry inventory is around 60,000 tons, significant decrease from last week.

Price remains unchanged from last week

Keywords】:Stable price, significant decreased inventory.


B. Market Outlook

Acid method calcium price: mainstream factory price 750-950 RMB per ton.

Alkaline method calcium price: the mainstream factory price is 1050-1250 RMB per ton.

Export price: FOB is USD160-180/MT


C. Maintenance Information

Shandong Haitian suspends production

Shandong Haihua suspends production


D. Brief Analysis

1. The downstream snow melting agent industry has ended, and the chemical, refrigeration, food, feed and other industries are stocked in appropriate quantities before the festival. The market supply is sufficient, the purchasing enthusiasm is average, and the order volume is not good.

2. In terms of foreign trade, the procurement in the Korean market has ended. There are many orders from the Middle East, mainly concentrated in Jingshen, Juhua, and they are actively producing and stocking. Haihua and Haitian are still discontinued. In the Southeast Asian market, inquiries have increased due to the reduction of domestic market prices and the reduction of sea freight.

On the whole, the downstream manufacturers have completed the stocking of calcium chloride in the early stage, but at the same time, due to the active procurement in the Middle East, the market price has stabilized after falling from a high level.

[Keywords]: Price stays stable.


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III. Sodium Bicarbonate

A. Inventory and Price Fluctuations

The industry inventory is around 61,350 tons, dropped from last week

The domestic requirments of Sodium Bicarbonate has improved, and the price has basically risen slightly.

Keywords】:Inventories continue to decline, price rises slightly.


B. Market Outlook

Domestic trade price: mainstream factory price 2200-2350 RMB per ton.

Export Price: mainstream factory FOB price is USD315-320/MT


C. Maintenance Information

This week, the average operating rate of Sodium Bicarbonate manufacturers was about 60.9%.

Zhongyuan Chemical's Sodium Bicarbonate plant produced at a low operating rate.  

LiangyungangJianchangs Sodium Bicarbonate plants suspended for maintenance.


D. Brief Analysis

1. For downstream enterprises of Sodium Bicarbonate, except for the VC industry, the demand for other industries has declined as a whole.

2. In the export market, the price of the Korean market has dropped, and customers are mainly waiting; the Southeast Asian market has stable orders.

On the whole, due to multiple factors such as Spring Festival and the counterattack of the epidemic, the downstream enterprises of baking soda actively stocked up on a precautionary basis, the inventory fell from a high level, and the baking soda market stabilized in stages.

Keywords】:Price tends to stabilize.


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IV. Sodium Nitrite / Sodium Nitrate

A. Industry Capacity, Output and Impact of Changes

The industry production capacity is about 990,000 tons.

The operating rate of sodium nitrite/nitrate (two sodium) industries was 54%, and the industry inventory was reduced to 7,400 tons.

Keywords】:Industry inventory declines, low inventory.


B. Market Outlook

The main regional prices of two sodium:

Sodium nitrite price is 3250-3550 RMB per ton.

Sodium nitrate price is 3150-3250 RMB per ton.


C. Brief Analysis

This week, the market price of two sodium went up.

1. Although the two sodium industries are still running at a loss, the price has increased, the operating rate has increased significantly, and the inventory has decreased.

2. The downstream users of sodium nitrite—medical, dye, fluorobenzene, nitromethane, metal heat treatment, electroplating, antifreeze industries, have low operating rates. Downstream users of sodium nitrate—except for photovoltaic glass and color glass industries, ordinary glass, glass bottles, explosives, and metal heat treatment, overall stop production or produce at a low-level capacity.

On the whole, the overall operating rate of the two sodium industries has increased. Due to long-term losses, the two sodium prices are expected to be raised. Downstream enterprises have basically stopped production or produced at a low level. It is expected that the inventory of the two sodium will gradually increase, and the price of the two sodium will be temporarily stable.

Keywords: Operating rate of manufacturers and downstream enterprises is low, inventory declines, and prices increase.


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